About Us

Dosa Plaza-The worlds widest menu in dosas. It serves the most unique blend of exotic dosas, making it one of the fastest growing retail food chain in India. At Dosa Plaza you will get to taste the magic behind the simple looking dosas, a taste that would linger in your memory long after you hunger has been satisfied. Dosa plaza over the years has a PAN India presence - From North (Jammu) to down South (Calicut), East (Guwahati) to West (Goa) and Central (Lucknow, Varanasi). Dosa Plaza with its exotic and wide varieties of dosas stand out as the country’s most popular South Indian chain. Dosas from being the traditional Indian food has come a long way in becoming a world cuisine with an oriental and western twist. The Dosa Plaza houses a wide range of dosas that include 27 trademark dosas. Interesting fusion fillings and innovative presentation make them distinctive. Apart from dosas our specialty is a delightful variety of Idlis and Vadas. Combinations like value meals and kids value meals served along with Coke is very popular amongst food connoisseurs.

Inspired by the richness of its appetizing taste, nourishing mix and intricate preparation, the dosas at Dosa Plaza combine the tradition with the contemporary. In Dosa Plaza you will find amazing range of variations including Mexican, Chinese and hold your breath, American. The core attraction of the dosas served at Dosa Plaza lies in the exotic fusion filling crammed in them. Unusual dosas like American Chopsuey Dosa, Schezwan Dosa, American Delight Dosa, Chinese Delight Dosa, Paneer Salad Dosa, Mexican Roast Dosa, Salad Roast Dosa, and Manchurian Idli scintillate the palate. Dosa Plaza is instrumental in bringing India’s traditional cuisine to the heart of millions and making dosa India’s genuine desi fast food.

Dosa Plaza is present at Karnal, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Silvaasa, Sirsa, Raipur, Calicut, Rajkot, Lucknow, Mumbai, Sirsa, Varanasi and Goa.